Blockchain Executive Program

Get the hands-on skills you need to understand what blockchain is, how it works, and why it’s revolutionary. At the end of the program, you'll be able to determine the specific business situations where blockchain technology solves important problems.


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We deliver a condensed learning experience through live classes, self-paced materials, teamwork, personalized feedback, coaching, curated readings and a final project.

Live Classes

Each week you will attend interactive live classes with world-class practitioners who work with Blockchain every day.

Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, 6.30 - 8.30 pm CET

Self-Paced Materials

Learners will go through 4 to 6 hours per week of self-paced material covering theory.

Case Studies with Founders​

Live online sessions where case studies are discussed with the founders that are changing the world.

Final Project

The program ends with the completion of a Final Project, where students reveal the knowledge and skills acquired in the course of their studies. These projects must be completed in groups of 2-5 students.

Self-Paced Material

Learners will go through 4 to 6 hours per week of self-paced material covering theory.

Connect With Peers

Every week there will be optional opportunities to connect with peers in your cohort. Join a small group to discuss the latest news in the industry, attend/host a community deep-dive session, or discuss questions within the forum.


Upon completion of all tests, assignments and the Final Project, the student will become certified.

World-Class Instructors

Our instructors are practitioners who work with Blockchain every day

Adi Ben-Ari

Founder & CEO

Applied Blockchain

Marta Piekarska

DAO Strategist


Clara Medalie

Head of Growth


Artiona Bogo

Head of Sales Engineering


Kelly Pettersen

Digital Assets Expert, ex-Coinbase

Dante Disparte

Chief Strategy Officer


Peter Busch

Product Owner DLT


Jonathan Leßmann

Chief Marketing Officer


David Creer

Global DLT & Crypto Lead


Yves-Michel Leporcher

Blockchain Expert

Groupe Renault

Alireza Siadat

Lawyer & Partner


Stefan Schmitt

Sales Director EMEA


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Blockchain Courses

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Develop the skills you need to launch a fulfilling career in crypto and Web3


Understanding Blockchain Technology

Block 1 is divided into 5 Units:

  1. Bitcoin History
  2. Blocks, Nodes, Transactions
  3. Bitcoin Ledger
  4. Cryptography: Hash function & Merkle Trees
  5. Consensus algorithm: Proof of Work
  6. Bitcoin Mining
  7. Private and Public keys
  8. The Bitcoin Network
  9. Limitations and improvements
  10. Hot and Cold Storage
  11. Transaction Fees
  12. The Bitcoin Scripn
  1. Ethereum Network
  2. Ether
  3. Blocks
  4. Accounts
  5. Gas
  6. Nodes
  7. Ethereum Consensus Mechanism
  8. Ethereum Virtual Machine
  9. Smart Contracts and Dapps
  10. Ethereum transition to PoS
  11. PoW vs PoS

This unit focuses on the analysis of whitepapers. The student will get access to several white papers and relevant resources to help him/her build an idea of the technology behind the main blockchains in the market.

This unit brings the topic of blockchain into a bigger strategic picture: the realm of platforms. Platforms are known business models, however, despite the current platformania’, the understanding of platform economics are still poorly understood by key actors. Blockchain technology enables new platforms to rise and to disrupt known business models.

  1. Decentralization & Distributed systems
  2. Types of Blockchain
  3. L1 vs L2
  4. Types of consensus mechanisms
  5. Zero knowledge proof
  6. Scaling solutions
  7. Data & analytics
  8. Forks


Use Cases and New Business Models​

Block 2 is divided into 11 Units:

  1. The history of Money
  2. The reasons why the current system is broken
  3. The new types of monies that are being created and adopted
  4. The geopolitical forces that are being applied to the explosion of innovation
  5. How the internet of value will allow financial inclusion to anyone
  6. Cryptocurrencies, stablecoins and Central Bank Digital Currencies
  1. Introduction to Web3
  2. Comparison of Web 1, Web 2 and Web 3, and features
  3. Web 3 use cases
  4. Technologies involved in Web3
  5. Introduction to the Metaverse
  6. Technologies involved in the Metaverse
  7. Blockchain role in the Metaverse
  8. Why to buy land in Metaverse
  9. The most relevant projects in the Metaverse
  1. Introduction to NFTs
  2. Blockchain protocols behind the NFTs
  3. Types of NFTs
  4. NFTs use cases
  5. NFT for real-world assets
  6. NFTs and Energy Consumption (NEW)
  7. NFT marketplaces and wallets
  8. How to find and evaluate NFT projects
  9. Step by step minting NFTs
  10. NFT security

Learn the steps in detail to build a successful NFT project. There are no hard and fast rules, but they are guidelines that you can follow:

  1. Write down your story
  2. Choose the Blockchain
  3. Choose the Marketplace
  4. Decide what kind of features and utilities your NFTs will have
  5. Build a community
  6. Create as much value as possible
  1. Introduction to Self-Sovereign Identity
  2. How identity and privacy underpin it
  3. Historical developments of why and how it came into being
  4. Bleeding edges of current developments
  5. Technological and governance tools to make it all work
  6. Technology and governance ecosystem
  7. Example scenarios
  8. Evaluating potential impact
  9. Business uses cases
  10. Adoption challenges 
  11. Opportunities

Learn how DLT can be used in all the areas of finance, capital markets and banking. Participants will enjoy a mix of tech and business with this course and see nearly all areas of DLT and Crypto for financial services:

  1. DLT for Capital Markets
  2. Securities
  3. Corporate Bonds
  4. Green Bonds and ESG
  5. Exchanges
  6. Trade Finance
  7. Institutional Crypto
  8. How to create a small research project
  1. Introduction to tokenization
  2. Tokenizing financial assets
  3. Tokenizing Art and NFTs
  4. Other Tokenized Assets
  5. How to plan your own tokenized asset
  1. A brief explanation of the traditional financial institutions that are being replaced by DeFi
  2. What is DeFi
  3. The components that allow you to interact with the protocols
  4. DeFi and stablecoins
  5. DeFi and Lending and Borrowing
  6. DeFi and Decentralised Exhanges (DEX)
  7. DeFi Insurance
  8. DeFi Governance DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) discussion
  1. Blockchain enables the next generation of IoT
  2. Mobility within an open Economy of Things
  3. Main projects in the Mobility industry
  4. Blockchain in Supply Chain & Logistics
  1. Definition of Health 3.0 or decentralized healthcare
  2. Consortia, the key for Blockchain in Healthcare
  3. Data and the issues of Legacy Technologies
  4. Don’t make bigger silos
  5. How to secure patient data
  6. Secure decentralized data storage
  7. NFTs in healthcare
  8. Healthcare tokenomics
  1. Legal and regulatory challenges of blockchain
  2. Current legal and regulatory approaches to blockchain
  3. Legal issues of smart contracts

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